Vision PIKEMANIAC WF9 SloMo fly line

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1kpl Vision PIKEMANIAC WF9 SloMo fly line

Vision PIKEMANIAC WF9 SloMo fly line

Pikemaniac is the line of choice for hard core pike anglers. It excels at casting big and bulky flies to the horizon. Pikemaniac has a 12 meter head that is extended with a 4 meter Handling Zone. Handling Zone means a section of thicker running line just behind the head. It helps handling a long line in the air and improves durability of the line. The profile is a reverse compound taper with a powerful short front taper to cut through wind. Pikemaniac has a slick and supple coating which remains memory free even in cold conditions. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and set the hook and it also transfers casting energy better than traditional cores. The ready-made loops make it easy to attach the leader and backing. The line weight and density is printed behind the front loop. Phthalate free.

Sinking Pikemaniac lines utilise our Sliding Density concept where the density increases gradually to the tip of the line. Except the SloMo line which is a full slow intermediate version. This means that the first density in the description is the density for the running line and back part of the head from which the density increases gradually to the tip. For example Fast Inter to Sink 3 will have a fast intermediate running line and the very back of the head and from there the density increases to the Sink 3 tip. This will prevent sagging of the line when it sinks which ensures better contact to the flies.
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