Vision ATOM STKFT wader Kahluuhousut Koko XL

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1kpl Vision ATOM STKFT wader Kahluuhousut

Vision ATOM STKFT wader Kahluuhousut

Entry level wader with high level quality and details. Atom is a lightweight wader made throughout from strong 3 layer fabric. Neoprene socks have denser bottom parts for maximum wear resistance and longevity and the waders overall cut minimises seams in critical areas. The big chest pocket holds lot of items and the inner flip pocket is ideal place for items which you want to keep in a safer place. The flip pocket also has a Velcro for attaching a separate waterproof phone pouch. Adjustable braces and belt are made from elastic material allowing you to adjust the fit into a maximum comfort.

- Lightweight 3-layer construction
- Waterproof and breathable F3 fabric
- Curved NoSeam cut for perfect fit
- A large front pocket with a water resistant zipper in front
- Matching colour belt and braces
- D-rings & accessory loops
- Traditional flip pocket with a zipper
- Built-in gravel guards
- Neoprene feet with left and right side design 


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