• SPRO Iris Pop-Eye 23cm 60g Baitfish

SPRO Iris Pop-Eye 23cm 60g Baitfish

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1kpl SPRO Iris Pop-Eye 23cm 60g
SPRO Iris Pop-Eye 23cm 60g

Spro iris pop-eye haukiviehe on varustettu isoilla houkuttelevilla silmillä ja virtaviivaisella rungolla. Herkkä uintinen ja kestävä materiaalista valmistettu viehe. Soveltuu kaikille petokaloille. Voidaan rigata myös offset koukulla, joten todella hyvä yleisviehe.

The Iris Pop-Eye softbaits are true "eye-catchers". These lures are developed as the ultimate all-round softbait for both fresh and saltwater predator fishing. The round and tapered body has a subtile paddle tail on the end, which gives it the Pop-Eye minimum resistance under water, but maintaining the unique and delicate rolling action of the lure. It makes it suitable for super slow retrieve, just below the surface up to speed jigging with heavy jigheads on large depths. With the Pop-Eye everything is possible! Available in 4 sizes, from 14cm zander "killers" al the way up to a massive 23cm for seducing the biggest pikes and saltwater monsters! The "hooksize indicators" on the back, match with our famous Spro Jigheads.

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