• SG 3D Whitefish Shad 27cm 152g Whitefish
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SG 3D Whitefish Shad 27cm 152g Whitefish

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1kpl SG 3D Whitefish Shad 27cm 152g

SG 3D Whitefish Shad 27cm 152g 

Voimakas uintinen haukiviehejättiläinen. Sisältää räminäkuulat ja vieheeseen on lisätty myös petokaloja hoiukuttelevaa tuoksua. 

Based on the scan of a real white fish, this loose body paddle tail lure features immaculate details and a fantastic rolling and kicking action. The bulky head and front body push a lot of water and give the lure great stability on shallow rigging. The articulated and super realistic fins add great secondary action to the large kicking paddle tail, which also holds a noisy glass rattle for extra attraction. Made from a super soft PVC material with stunning colours and strike triggering scent.

• 3D scanned details
• Photo printed colours
• Soft eyes
• Rolling and kicking action
• Superb secondary action from
• Rattle slot in tail with mounted glass rattle
• 4 sizes available
• 17.5cm – 42g
• 20cm – 62g
• 23cm - 94g
• 27cm – 152g
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