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Savage Gear Craft Cannibal 10,5cm 4kpl Perch

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4kpl Savage Gear Craft Cannibal Paddletail 10,5cm
Paino 12g

Savage Gear Craft Cannibal Paddletail 10,5cm

Uusi versio legendaarisesta savage gear cannibal jigistä. Upea viimeisty ja todella upea uinti. Jigikalastajan varma valinta. Jigi lähtee uinmaan todella herkästi.

Crafted and designed by legendary designer Mads Grosell. The lure profile is inspired by a baby trout smolt, with the classic Cannibal open mouth, a realistic big soft eye and a new unique tail bridge design, that enables the lure to swim amazingly life-like even at very slow speed. The lure swims equally well on retrieve and as on the drop and the tooling making and handcrafted details and painting set new standards for soft lure making! This paddle tail loose body lure will catch just about any predator fish out there!
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