• Discmania Soft Exo Tactic 173-176g Valkoinen

Discmania Soft Exo Tactic 173-176g Valkoinen

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1kpl Discmania Soft Exo Tactic

Nopeus               Liito               Vakaus            Feidi  
      4                         2                         0                      3      

Discmania Soft Exo Tactic

While the Tactic is listed in the putt & approach category, the first and foremost purpose of the Tactic is to act as a reliable approach disc. It has low glide and a very reliable fade to ensure reliability in all conditions. The Tactic excels on approaches and short drives from both backhand and sidearm, but when the headwind picks up, you may very well be finding yourself putting with the Tactic as well.

Nopeus               Liito               Vakaus            Feidi  
      4                         2                          0                      3       

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