• SG Line Thru Roach 25cm 216g Albino Roach
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SG Line Thru Roach 25cm 216g Albino Roach

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1kpl SG Line Thru Roach 25cm 216g 

SG Line Thru Roach 25cm 216g 

Tämä viehe ei esittelyjä kaipaa. Suurhauelle herkkua tarjoilee tämä Savage Gearin Line Thru Roach!
Realistinen ja mielettömän uinnin omaava viehe valmiiksi koukutettuna.

The humble roach is one of the most important prey for many freshwater predator fish around the world, and we have studied in detail the behaviour, details and movement of this species to create a series of lures that will provoke aggressive strikes from hungry preds. The Savage Gear 4D Roach series of lures are all based on a 3D scan of a real roach and will amaze you with their details, realism and incredible swimming actions. Quite simply, this is the pinnacle of roach imitation, that looks and swims exactly like the real thing. Our famous Line Thru system has been further developed, so the hook can swing freely outside the body on the broadest point of the body, ensuring great hook-up and even better landing rates. The new Little Line Thru modifier is a great innovation and the lure can easily be transformed to hold two treble hooks. The lure’s high body profile gives the most amazing s-curve swimming action that cuts and slides to the side on spin-stop – a movement that simply drives the pike crazy. The slow sink version has the Line Thru channel through the mouth and sinks really slowly. It can be twitched and pulled to perform some amazing glides. The moderate sink will run deep with a big s-curve action, moving lots of water and really calling in the big ones.
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