• Daiwa WP Sealed Tarvikerasia UC-600 11cm x 6,5cm x 2cm

Daiwa WP Sealed Tarvikerasia UC-600 11cm x 6,5cm x 2cm

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1kpl Daiwa WP Sealed Tarvikerasia UC-600 11cm x 6,5cm x 2cm

Daiwa WP Sealed Tarvikerasia

Daiwan erittäin näppärä pieni tarvikerasia esimerkiksi lukoille ja muille pienille tarvikkeille. Vedenpitävä ja laadukas materiaali.

 is a practical and versatile storage solution designed to make your life easier.

With its simple waterproof lid, this case keeps your items safe and dry, even in wet conditions. The joint lock system allows you to combine multiple cases back to back, providing you with the flexibility to organize your gear the way you want.

The round-shaped bottom of the WP SEALED UNIT CASE DEEP makes it effortless to pick up small components, ensuring that nothing is left behind. To add to its versatility, the case comes supplied with magnet sheets, providing you with an additional way to organize and secure your items.

Choose the WP SEALED UNIT CASE DEEP to keep your belongings protected, organized, and easily accessible. It's all about practicality and convenience, ensuring that your gear is in top condition and ready when you need it.
  • Simple Waterproof lid
  • Joint Lock System (Can be combined back to back together)
  • Round shaped bottom for easier to pick up small components
  • Supplied with Magnet sheets
  • Made of shockproof ABS
  • Made in Japan

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