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  • Vision Tossu Huopa 8

Vision Tossu Huopa 8

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Vision Tossu Felt
Our new Tossu wading boots included some serious product development and investments to production.
We wanted to develop a shoe with more rigid structure to support one’s foot in all possible conditions. Tossu has a totally new and unique moulded EVA midsole. The construction of this boot is done in a manner, which secures the upper part to the lower part extremely well due to both gluing and sewing the pieces together. The construction also enables easy, solid and safe attachment of Vision studs. It provides good ankle support and the front rubber bumper gives great protection against rocks. Available both with felt sole and new brown Gummi sole with improved grip.

- New moulded midsole
- Very rigid overall design
- Available with black felt and Gummi soles
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