Future Fly Brass Beads 4mm

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Hinta: 4,40
Määrä: kpl

Future Fly'n messinkikuulaa voit käyttää joko runkopainona sellaisenaan, tai siiven alla tuomaan lisä nostetta siivelle, tai voit pujottaa sen suoraan siimaan perhon eteen. Sopiva sisäputki on 1,8mm.

FF Brass Beads

FF Brass Beads can be used as a body, under the wing as weight and in front of the fly. FF Brass Beads fits our 1,8mm tube perfectly, and they are in a quality of its own. The Flourocent color is very bright and realy lights up in the daylight. It comes in 4mm and 5mm with a holesize in 1,9mm. 15 in a pack