Daiwa Morethan 12 Braid

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Hinta: 39,98 79,95 €
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12 Braid is the next chapter in the evolution of fishing line.
12 strands of PE filament are tightly intertwined to create UVF; Ultra Volume Fibre. This is further enhanced with the addition of EVO Silicone coating.
Creating a truer, round profile, higher tensility and a ‘slikker’ surface; the result - increased strength, higher abrasion resistance, improved sensitivity and even better castability.
12 braid is a true quantum leap in product development and such big gains in performance do command a high price.
This technology is another first from Daiwa, pushing the boundaries of design and performance of fishing tackle for the modern fisherman. The total feel and connection offered to the angler is beyond anything available before - It is simply outstanding.
  • Compared with conventional 8 braid -
  • Strength +20%
  • Abrasion Resistance +72%
  • Sensitivity + 30%
  • Castability +18%
  • Morethan 12 Braid is the ultimate braid choice for light to medium lure work. Available from 0.08mm to 0.18mm. Chartreuse in colour it is supplied in 135m spools