Daiwa BaitJunkie JerkShad 7 Whitewash Glow

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4kpl Daiwa BaitJunkie JerkShad 7 17,2cm 

Daiwa BaitJunkie JerkShad 7 17,2cm Jigi

Loistava uutuus jigi daiwalta. Jigit todella eloisia ja kestäviä. Jigit soveltuvat heitto- ja vertikaalikalastukseen. Soveltuu hyvin kuhalle ja hauelle.

The largest offering in the initial BaitJunkie line-up, the 7” Jerkshad is like no other. With the longer body and more mass, the incredible ‘S’ wave swimming motion which is so prevalent in the 5” version is only increased in the 7” model. The combination of the segmented body design and the vertical fluke tail makes this lure swim like you couldn’t imagine. Rigged with a traditional jighead design, the 7” jerkshad will swim on the drop, accounting for an incredible amount of strikes. On the straight retrieve the tail section moves like a snake through the water, allowing the bait to track straight & true, a great feature when chasing fast-moving pelagic species.

The incorporated belly slit makes weedless rigging an easy possibility and presents almost endless possible uses for such a versatile bait design. The BaitJunkie 7” Jerkshad comes in 4 pieces per pack.

NOTE: Please do not store BaitJunkie soft plastics with any PVC based soft plastic or in non-appropriate plastic storage boxes

AMINO X - Natural flavour and scent
ELASTOMAX material - Inceditle stretch and durability
Recommended jig head: #6/0 - #8/0
Recommended offset hook: #6/0 - #8/0
Non-toxic material and doesn't contain PVC/Plastisol or Phathalates
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