• Berkley Sick Curl 8cm 5kpl Motoroil Burbot

Berkley Sick Curl 8cm 5kpl Motoroil Burbot

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Varastossa 8 kpl

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5kpl Berkley Sick Curl 8cm Jigi

Berkley Sick Curl 8cm Jigi

Berkley Sick Curl on loistava ahven-ja kuhajigi. Herkästi uiva sirppipyrstö ja powerbait hajuste tekevät jigistä vastustamattoman jigin kaikille petokaloille. 

The Berkley Sick range is a family of 6 types of softbaits, designed to cover every situation you will face on the water. The Sick Curl is a bulky body with super attractive, long curtail that moves at any speed. The ribs in the body create extra vibrations and make sure the PowerBait scent is being spread to convince every predator fish to bite. The small paddle at the end of the curl tail keeps the bait in a stabile position.

  • PowerBait scented softbaits
  • Very souple material
  • Heavy flanking action at any speed
  • life-like and bright color patterns
  • Super attractive curly tail
  • Ribs along the body create extra vibration


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