• Berkley Pulse Realistic Perch 7cm 4kpl Zander

Berkley Pulse Realistic Perch 7cm 4kpl Zander

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4 kpl Berkley Pulse Realistic Perch 7cm (BULK) Irtojigi

Berkley Pulse Realistic Perch

Berkleyn Pulse Realistic Perch sopii kaikenlaiseen kalastukseen. Sen houkutteleva uintiliike houkuttelee kalat luokseen. Todella realistinen muoto ja liike. Neutraalit värit.

Available in three sizes, there's a Pulse Realistic Perch for each situation! Whether you are dropshotting in the city or casting for pike on a lake the life-like looks and great selection of colors will give you the edge in any situation. The Pulse Realistic Perch has a super seductive swimming action that will trigger even the most weary predator.

Ultra realistic shape and action
Super natural colors
Different sizes for different applications
A fish catcher in all situations!
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