• Berkley Pulse Realistic Goby 12cm 3kpl Firetiger

Berkley Pulse Realistic Goby 12cm 3kpl Firetiger

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3 kpl Berkley Pulse Realistic Goby 12cm (BULK) Irtojigi
Berkley Pulse Realistic Goby 12cm 

Berkleyn Pulse Realistic Goby jigi on ultra realistisen näköinen muodoltaan ja liikkuvuudeltaan. Luonnolliset sävyt. Goby sopii hyvin isolle ahvenelle, taimenelle ja kuhalle. 

Goby and bullhead are a preferred food for large perch, trout and zander! The Pulse Realistic Goby is a picture perfect imitation of this important baitfish and can be used for almost every softbait tactic available. The 7cm version is deadly rigged on a dropshot rig or jighead and the 12cm Realistic Goby fished on a jighead is a snack very few predators will pass on!

Ultra realistic shape and action
Super natural colors
Different sizes for different applications
A fish catcher in all situations!
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