BaitJunkie Minnow 3.2 Oil Flash UV

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6kpl Daiwa Baitjunkie Minnow 3.2

Daiwa Baitjunkie Minnow 3.2 8cm Jigi

Loistava uutuus jigi daiwalta. Jigit eloisia ja kestäviä. Sopii hyvin kuhalle ja isommalle ahvennelle.

The upsize offering from the 2.5” minnow, the 3.2” version is a juiced-up swimbait ready to catch anything that swims in either salt or freshwater. A slightly thicker body can accept larger hooks and larger bait keepers, and the slightly bigger boot tail produces an almighty thump to attract predators in deep or dirty water. The same signature ‘slim waist’ design is prominent in this bait and delivers a swimming action that is unmatched by more traditional swimbait profiles.

Available in 20 fantastic colours in a mix of solid and two-tone laminate injections, the 3.2” Minnow is the ‘all-rounder’ of the BaitJunkie range. The BaitJunkie 3.2” Minnow comes in 6 pieces per pack.

NOTE: Please do not store BaitJunkie soft plastics with any PVC based soft plastic or in non-appropriate plastic storage boxes

AMINO X - Natural flavour and scent
ELASTOMAX material - Inceditle stretch and durability
Recommended jig head: #1/0 - #4/0
Recommended offset hook: #1 - #2/0
Non-toxic material and doesn't contain PVC/Plastisol or Phathalates
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